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Dressage Winnipeg is the organization dealing with the sport of Dressage in Winnipeg and surrounding areas.

Dressage is an equestrian sport in which the horse and rider are a team. At horse shows the combined horse and rider can measure their skills by progressing through the test levels. Dressage is one of the few sports where men and women compete as equals, and encompasses riders of all ages. Everyone loves the musical freestyles, in which the horse and rider dance together to music. Riders may move up from Provincial to National or International competitions and even move on to the Olympics.

Each year, Dressage Winnipeg holds at least three shows, and often hosts the Manitoba Provincial Championships. Our membership is strong and increasing in the past years. Our dedicated volunteers make shows and activities possible and their efforts are always appreciated. Dressage Winnipeg also sponsors certain training activities for its members. Our newsletter called "Passage" is regularly distributed to members.

Our Membership is strong, with approximately 90-100 members annually supporting the club and volunteering.

DRESSAGE WINNIPEG - some historical notes

In November 1975, 15 dressage enthusiasts, including Captain John de Kenyeres and the first chair Gillian Sevier, met with the intention of establishing a Manitoba branch of CADORA (Canadian Dressage Riders and Owners Association - a national non-profit organization dedicated to the development of Dressage in Canada). By-laws were drawn up and in 1976 the MANITOBA DRESSAGE ASSOCIATION (MDA) was founded. MDA was a provincial body that included dressage riders from Winnipeg, Brandon and surrounding communities.

In the early 1980's Brandon and local area dressage riders decided to form their own branch of CADORA. In 1985 WESTMAN CADORA was accepted as an affiliate of the MANITOBA DRESSAGE ASSOCIATION.

Two years later, in 1987, Winnipeg and surrounding area dressage riders established DRESSAGE WINNIPEG (DW). It also became an affiliate of the provincial body, MANITOBA DRESSAGE ASSOCIATION.

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