Dressage Winnipeg


2017 Board of Directors

Chairperson: Maureen Demkey (email maureen@dressagewinnipeg.com)

Vice-Chairperson: Robyn Cochrane Fones (email robyn@dressagewinnipeg.com)

Treasurer: Sandra Hobday (email sandra@dressagewinnipeg.com)

Secretary: Jill Taylor Mancusi (email jill@dressagewinnipeg.com)

Membership: Tiffaney Pass (email tiffaney@dressagewinnipeg.com)

Volunteer Coordinator: Rhonda Wall-Dueck (rhonda@dressagewinnipeg.com)

Sponsorships: Kali Parry (email kali@dressagewinnipeg.com)

Website: Karen Roblin (email karen@dressagewinnipeg.com)

Education: Katie Webb (email katie@dressagewinnipeg.com)

Member at Large:  Ann Loewen (email ann@dressagewinnipeg.com)

Member at Large - Special Events: Karine Duhamel (email karine@dressagewinnipeg.com)

Show Manager: Sue Matthews (email sue@dressagewinnipeg.com)

Have you ever wondered what your Board of Directors do? Does something pique your interest? Contact the appropriate chair/committee member.


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