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2016 Annual Award Winners

Awards of Excellence:


Julia Roblin 1st Level - Fortune’s Flyte

Gaetane Manaigre 2nd Level - First Romance SN


Nicole Orlikow Training Continuity

Anne Loewen 1st level Caspian

Tiffaney Pass 1st level General

Katie Webb 2nd level Groovy


Gaetane Manaigre Training - Flamenco SN

Katie Webb 1st level - Groovy

Gaetane Manaigre 1st level - Highlight SN

Gaetane Manaigre 3rd level - Prince Charming SN

Gaetane Manaigre 4th level - Hyacinthe H

Brooke Mancusi FEI Jr - Danao


High Point Awards:


Dianna Brisebois and Onyx

Training level

Nicole Orlikow and Continuity

First level

Megan Sterling and Winged Warrior

Second level

Katie Webb and Groovy

Third level

Gaetane Manaigre and Prince Charming SN

Fourth level

Heather Thomas and Marcus


Brooke Mancusi and Danao

1st level Freestyle

Kayla Keubler and Northern Chinook

2nd level Freestyle

Cheryl Heming and Entrepid



Capt de Kenyeres  Jr High Point Award

Julia Roblin riding Fortune's Flyte in 1st level average score 66.857

Gillian Sevier High Point Award

Kali Parry riding Luxton in Training level average score 68.497

Rising Star

Dianna Brisebois

Spirit of Dressage

Karen Roblin


2015 Annual Award Winners


JR Training Level Champion             Brooke De Rocquigny & Noble-T King’s Ransom

OPEN Training Level Champion       Gaetane Manaigre & Highlight SN

JR 1st Level Champion                        Brooke De Rocquigny & Noble-T King’s Ransom

AA 1st Level Champion                       Tiffany Pass & General

Open 1st Level Champion                   Gaetane Manaigre & First Romance SN

Open 1st Level Freestyle                     Kayla Kuebler & Northern Chinook

JR 2nd Level Champion                        Amelia Baker & Flamboyant

AA 2nd Level Champion                       Cheryl Heming & Entrepid

AA 3rd Level Champion                        Lindsay Feller & Unbelievable

Open 3rd Level Champion                    Gaetane Manaigre & Prince Charming SN

Open 4th Level Champion                    Gaetane Manaigre & Hyacinthe H



Walk Trot                                              Julia Roblin & Dom Ferro

Training Level                                       Gaetane Manaigre & Highlight SN

First Level                                              Ariana Chia & Fiderflame

Second Level                                        Cheryl Heming & Entrepid

Third Level                                            Gaetane Manaigre & Prince Charming SN

Fourth Level                                         Gaetane Manaigre & Hyacinthe H

Prix St. George                                    Brandy Catton & Welwyn

FEI Junior                                               Brooke Mancusi & Danao

Bronze Training/First Equitation     Kylie Wright & So You Think You Can Tango

AA Dressage Seat Equitation            Cheryl Heming & Entrepid

First Level Freestyle                            Kayla Kuebler & Northern Chinook




RISING STAR AWARD: Jackson Vandale & Katrya

GILLIAN SEVIER HIGH POINT AWARD:  Gaetane Manaigre & First Romance

CAPTAIN DE KENYERES JR HIGH POINT AWARD:  Brooke De Rocquigny & Noble-T King’s Ransom




Training Level     Nicole Orlikow & Continuity

Training Level     Kris Bhattacharya & Flynn

Second Level       Cheryl Heming & Entrepid


First Level            Drew Mittermayr  & Get a Clue

First Level            Tiffany Pass & General

First Level             Kayla Kuebler & Mr Banks


Training Level      Tiffany Pass & General

Training Level      Gaetane Manaigre & Highlight SN

First Level            Madisyn Tabin & Snap Dragon

First Level            Kylie Wright & So You think You Can Tango

First Level            Gaetane Manaigre & First Romance

Third Level          Gaetane Manaigre & Prince Charming SN

Fourth Level        Gaetane Manaigre & Hyacinthe H



DW announces Ribbon Recycling!

Got too many ribbons taking up space on your wall?

DW will have a bin in the show office this year to accept very good condition class ribbons for reuse. Just bring them to the next show and drop off at show office.

Go green!


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