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Dressage Winnipeg is the organization dealing with the sport of Dressage in Winnipeg and surrounding areas.Each year, Dressage Winnipeg holds at least three shows, and often hosts the Manitoba Provincial Championships.

Our membership is strong and increasing in the past years. Our dedicated volunteers make shows and activities possible and their efforts are always appreciated. Dressage Winnipeg also sponsors certain training activities for its members. Our newsletter called "Passage" is regularly distributed to members.

What is Dressage? Dressage, from the French word for "training", is often described as the art of dancing on horseback or ballet on horseback and is often compared to the freestyle of figure skating. The art of dressage is a harmonious blend of power, beauty and precision. The sport of Dressage is designed to improve a horse's balance, suppleness and flexibility, as well as improve the communication between horse and rider.


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